Welcome to Paradise Pets

The word paradise is defined as a state of complete happiness, A pleasant or peaceful place that seems to be perfect.

Here at Paradise Pets grooming and daycare we understand that your pet is a loving part of the family. As the special member of your family, it is our responsibility and great privilege to provide the greatest care for your pets.

We are a family owned business with over 10 years of experience in the animal care field. We understand the concerns of leaving your

beloved family member in someone elseʼs hands. Here at Paradise Pets we will treat and care for your pets as one of our own.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of care for your pets to play and socialize in a fun and safe paradise like environment. As well as a full spa service to keep your pets looking and feeling their best!

Not only do we provide a loving and fun daycare for your pets, but we also provide a full spa, dental cleaning, holistic pet care, and supplies!


We only work with the very best groomers in the business. Each of our staff is highly trained and has a true passion for making your loved one look and feel great.


We believe that just because you’re out of town or a bit busy doesn’t meant your pet should feel neglected. We’ve created a paradise like atmosphere for your pet to frolic in.

Other Services

We take a holistic approach to animal care, which looks at your animal as a whole and pays close attention to diet, nutrition, exercise, and grooming.


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