Paradise Pet Exercise in Tarzana and Encino

Pet Exercise in Tarzana and Encino, CA

Paradise Pets knows that a healthy family life is what’s most important to our clients. So, naturally, you would choose to ensure that everyone, including your pet, has a happy, healthy life. At our facilities we exercise holistic care with your pet.

Holistic pet care means taking a more natural approach through common sense that allows your pet’s health to be taken into account along with the animal’s mind, body and spirit. Holistic care is all about treating the pet as a whole as opposed to focusing on just a single problem or issue. This prevents further diseases, illnesses and any mental or physical maladies.

California Holistic Pet Care

In our facilities, we provide the best exercise for your pet! We customize certain routines in accordance to your pet’s breed, age and weight. This keeps them healthy and happy and allows trainers to notice any abnormalities or health problems. We provide exercise plans through a one-on-one 45 minutes consultation with our pet physical therapist. Your furry friend could be overweight, suffering from aching joints, recovering from surgery or in other instances extremely active.

  • 50$ customized exercise plans

Pet workouts in Tarzana, Encino, and the surrounding areas

As long as you reside in Tarzana, Encino or any of the surrounding areas your pet can begin to run, sweat and exercise with our staff.

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