Holistic Care

Holistic Care Prices


One on one consultation for you and your pet with our nutritionist to customize meal plans specific to your pets breed, health, age, and weight : 45 min consultation by appointment only


One on one consultation with our pet physical therapist. Whether your pet is overweight, suffering from aching joints, recovering from surgery, or extremely active we can customize an exercise plan to fit their needs: 45 min consultation by appointment only

At Paradise Pets we know that family is very important to you, so naturally, you choose the best care to ensure everyone’s health and happiness- this includes your pet.

What exactly does Holistic mean? Holistic pet care means to take a more “natural” and “common sense” approach to your pet’s health care while taking into account the whole animal, as in mind, body, and spirit. Instead of trying to treat a specific problem or single issue, a holistic approach treats the WHOLE pet to prevent further diseases, illnesses and physical or mental pain. With holistic care regular vet checkups are still recommended.

Since holistic pet care refers to evaluating the WHOLE pet, it pays close attention to diet, nutrition, exercise, and grooming. Here at Paradise Pets our staff is trained to recommend the best nutrition customized to your pets breed, age, and weight. We also customize an exercise routine to stimulate your pets body and mind to keep them happy healthy and out of trouble. Our highly trained groomers can identify skin and body infections before they get worse and cause serious health problems. We love our furry friends. With the help of our caring team at Paradise Pets your pet will be able to live a much happier and healthy life.