Policies and Procedures


1. Grooming services are done by appointment. However, if space permits walk-ins will be accommodated.

2. The entire grooming process takes two to three hours; it may take longer especially on weekends. We request that you drop off your dog at his/her appointment time. We will call you as soon as he/she is finished.

3. Due to space limitations we require that you pick up your loved one within an hour after his/her completion. Customers leaving pets for periods longer than this will be assessed a $15 fee.

4. We require that all pets be current on Rabies and DHPP within the past year, and Bordatella within the past six months in order to be groomed.

5. Grooming prices vary based on temperament of the pet and condition of the pet’s coat.

6. We have the right to reject any pet at our sole discretion if we believe that grooming the pet will be hazardous to the pet and/or our employees.

7. We take precautionary measures with all of our clients but cannot be held responsible for cuts orlacerations on severely matted pets.

8. Please be advised that additional fees will be charged for dogs with matted/tangled coats. This fee is in addition to the regular grooming price.


1. All pets must be pre-screened (interviewed) before being invited to use our doggy daycare services. Pets must be non-aggressive towards other pets and people. This will be determined through our interview process. During the interview process we will ask you several questions about your dog to better understand his/her personality.

2. All pets must be at least four months old to attend doggy daycare at Paradise Pets. All males over the age of six months must be neutered.

3. Dogs must be vaccinated against Rabies and DHPP within the past year, and Bordatella within the past six months.

4. All pets must be healthy and free of communicable diseases (within the past 30 days).

5. All pets must be up on flea and tick medication

6. All pets must be picked up by closing time for doggy daycare. Pets picked up after closing will be subject to a late fee of $5 per every fifteen minutes.

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