Basic Bath

Bath, brush-out and hand blow-dry only

SMALL DOG > 15 Lbs. $40.00
MEDIUM DOG > 40Lbs. $50.00
LARGE DOG > 60Lbs. $60.00
XL > 90Lbs. $70.00
XXL 90+ Lbs. $80

Luxury Bath

Bath, hand blow-dry, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim/file, gland expression, paw massage, scented spray

SMALL DOG > 15 Lbs. $50.00
MEDIUM DOG > 40Lbs. $60.00
LARGE DOG > 60Lbs. $70.00
XL > 90Lbs. $80.00
XXL 90+ Lbs. $110.00
CATS $65

Full Luxury Spa

Bath, hand blow-dry, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim/file, gland expression, paw massage, scented spray, and haircut of your choice

SMALL DOG > 15 Lbs. $70.00
MEDIUM DOG > 40Lbs. $80.00
LARGE DOG > 60Lbs. $90.00
XL > 90Lbs. $120.00
XXL 90+ Lbs. $130.00
CATS $65

Salon Add-Ons


Perfect for in between grooms. Trimming include around the mouth, eyes, paws, and rear end.


Perfect for in between grooms. Trimming around pets’ groin and rear end only.

HAIR DYE $20.00+

Non-toxic, semi permanent hair dye for a creative fun look.


Gentle formula contains oatmeal and blueberry to help remove stains and odor without irritating eyes or sensitive skin.


For senior or aggressive pets that may need two groomers, sedation, or some extra TLC.

A La Carte


Skin Treatments

Add any skin treatment to any groom


De-shedding treatment

Special formulated shampoo and conditioner that loosens and removes unwanted shedding hair. As well as an additional brush-out.

Anti-itch skin treatment

Deep cleaning treatment that relieves your pets itching, scaling, and flaky skin, as well as soothes and deodorizes.

Flea and tick treatment

Kills fleas and ticks on contact using all natural ingredients and soothes itchy skin due to flea and tick bites.

De-skunk/deodorizing treatment

Mild de-skunk shampoo neutralizes odors without irritating or drying out skin and coat. The treatment is specially formulated to eliminate skunk odor safely and effectively.

Whitening treatment

Deep cleaning shampoo and conditioner that helps remove stains and yellowing while leaving hair lustrous and shiny. Blueberry facial included!

Ayurveda Treatment

Beauty & Health Herb Pack

Small dog short hair up to 18lbs $28.00
Small dog long hair up to 18lbs $30.00
Medium dog short hair up to 45lbs $35.00
Medium dog long hair up to 45lbs $39.00

Herbal Spa

Soak in herbal Ayurveda bath.

Small dog $20.00
Medium dog $25.00

Beauty Oil

Good for making the volume of fur down, preventing dandruff.

Small dog $10.00
Medium dog $15.00

Skin Butter

Intensive care for rough skin, rough paws, smelly ears and sebum dirt.

Small dog $10.00
Medium dog $15.00

Grooming at Paradise Pets

We know that grooming your pet at home can be quite the chore. It’s messy, time-consuming, and stressful for both you and your pet. Take the anxiety out of grooming your pet at home and let our professional spa team handle it instead!

At Paradise Pets, our caring team creates a relaxing environment for your pet at our modern spa, which is designed to cater to the comfort of our furry guests. All of our pet stylists are certified to provide the highest level of grooming for your loved one. We are trained to identify skin and health issues, as well as animal CPR trained. 

We realize that many pets may get nervous around loud noises. That is why we offer state of the art grooming equipment to make grooming an enjoyable experience that will have them excited to come back! 

Paradise Pets offers grooming 7 days a week – it is recommended that you book ahead to ensure that you are able to secure the date and time that works best for you. Your pet stylist will meet with you one-on-one upon drop-off to go over what you would like done with your pet. 

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with exceptional service where pets can have a true luxury grooming experience at affordable rates to keep them squeaky clean, smelling fresh, and looking great!

What do I need to know about grooming at Paradise Pets?

  1. Grooming services are done by appointment. However, if space permits, walk-ins may be accommodated. 
  2. The entire grooming process typically takes three to four hours; it may take longer on weekends or near holidays. We request that you drop off your dog at their appointment time. We will call you as soon as they are finished.
  3. Due to space limitations, we require that you pick up your pet within an hour after their completion. Customers who leave pets for periods longer than this will be charged a daycare fee of $5 per hour. 
  4. All dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies and DHPP within the past year to three years (depending on age and vet recommendation) and Bordetella within the past six months to year (depending on age and vet recommendation). 
  5. Grooming prices vary based on temperament and coat condition. 
  6. We have the right to reject any pet at our sole discretion if we believe that grooming the pet will be hazardous to the pet and/or our employees.
  7. We take precautionary measures with all of our clients but cannot help be responsible for cuts or lacerations on severely matted pets.
  8. Please be advised that additional fees will be charged for dogs with matted or tangled coats. This fee is in addition to the regular grooming price. 
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